Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Creative Baby Announcements by Rachael McAdams

Please help me welcome guest blogger, Rachael McAdams!  
Rachael is new to the SAHM community, but she has been a writer for years. Rachael enjoys writing about various subjects, and especially enjoys providing advice to new moms. If you'd like to follow Rachael, you can find her at @livealittleNYC.  Check out Rachel's Pinterest boards here!

Creative Birth Announcements
We’ve all received birth announcements over the years from family and friends as they share their new baby with the world. When you receive them, you often use words like “cute” or “adorable,” but not often do you use the words “creative” or “unique” when you see them. Here are some ways to make your birth announcements truly worthy of the words “creative” and “unique.”

Use Icons
Thanks to the Internet and all things technology, we are all familiar with icons and infographics. Well, what about using icons for as part of your birth announcement? I know there are a lot of online stationery stores to choose from when purchasing a birth announcement, but I especially like Tiny Prints’ birth announcements that use icons to easily convey all the important information about your baby’s statistics. You can order a sample to ensure your card is easy to read and the photo is clear!

Get Ready for Close Ups!
Another creative way to show off your new baby is through the use of close-up photography. Take shots of your new baby’s fingers, toes, and earlobes to start. Use each close-up on the birth announcement as a way to introduce your baby to your family and friends. Finally, include one photo of your baby’s beautiful face.

Incorporate Your Geo-Location or your Alma Mater
How about you show off your love of your state, team, or college along with your new baby!  Take a photo of your newly expanded family in your local park or using the city skyline as a backdrop. For example, if you are from New York, you can put them in an “I love NY” onsie from the NYC Factory. Live near the ocean? Take announcement photos on the beach and accessorize your baby in sunglasses and a straw hat! You could even get one from your college and show off the love of your alma mater. has official collegiate baby outfits from over 500 different colleges. If you want to share your dedication to your favorite team, check out the official league site for baby items.

Show Off the Generations
Do you have a special baby hat or blanket that has been passed down from generation to generation? Use that as part of your birth announcement! Take out an old photo of you as an infant with that special toy or blanket. Then take a photo of your new baby with that same item; perhaps in a similar pose. Then include both photos in your announcement! You will not only be passing something special down to your baby, but you will be starting a tradition your baby can carry on when that they have babies of their own!

Birthday + Holiday

Was your baby born close to a holiday? How about incorporating that holiday into your baby’s birth announcement? Was your baby born close to Independence Day? Osh Kosh B’gosh has adorable baby outfits for Independence Day. How about dressing up your baby like Uncle Sam? Was your baby born around Christmas? How about using a Santa hat in your photos? Think about the holiday that occurs near your baby’s birth date and see if there is a way to bring the two together.
These are just a few possibilities to make your baby announcements worthy of the words “unique” and “creative.” Remember that these will be kept and shared for decades to come so make sure your baby’s announcement will most of all show your love for your new little bundle.