Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jack's Nautical Nursery

Ready to see Jack's nautical nursery?  
Here's the big reveal...Please excuse my amateur iPhone photos :)

Our cozy corner!
Glider: Regal Loose Cushion Glider in Ophelia Dove fabric from Posh Tots
Jack's Bookshelf
Lamp: Devin Trim Shade & silver base from Pottery Barn Kids
Name Board: Created by Michelle DeLoy {TheCheapDecorator}
 My absolute favorite part of the nursery...
The details...
Shelf was on clearance at Hobby Lobby
JCP wooden monogram from TheCheapDecorator 
Blocks custom made by my friends at Jack's Sprinkle :)  
Dresser/Changing Table: Fillmore Dresser from Pottery Barn 
Anchor from PotteryBarnKids
Picture Frames from Target 
Here are the details on the paint color. I wish I could remember the name of the color, but here is a picture of the lid of the paint can if you want to experiment with this awesome color.
"Nautical" Bathroom Details:
Can't wait to bring Jack home to his nursery in just a few days!

When I was pregnant with Reed, I made goodie bags for the Labor & Delivery nurses.  
This time, I made a sweet treat that is a little simpler.  
 "Thank you for helping with our little peanut!"  
Found this idea on Pinterest and just recreated the little tags.  These would also make great gifts for babysitters or anyone who helps out with new baby.  Throw in a Starbucks gift for your big helpers!  
Download the tags here.  

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as we welcome Baby Jack to The Pledger Fam!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Jack's Nautical Sprinkle!

On Sunday, some of my best girlfriends came over, and we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Baby Jack!  My sweet hostesses {Kandra, Nery, & Michelle} created the most perfect "Sprinkle" of all times.  The nautical theme was absolutely darling.  Every single detail was perfection.  
Check out the decor...
Each of the girls signed in on a little square of paper, which will be added to the mini blocks!  Precious.  
And the food...DELICIOUS.
Mini bundt cakes
Bacon & Egg Casserole
Mini pancakes with raspberries!
The red velvet bundt cake was to die for.  
Fruit cups in mini mason jars.  Darling.
Iced Tea & Lemon Water
Sherbet Mimosas.  OMG.  
Mason Jars, of course.  
My girls.  XOXOX.
And a few candids...
Such a memorable day that I will treasure forever!  
Now that I've been SPRINKLED, I'm ready to meet Jack Copeland Pledger.  :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello, 2014!

2014 is off to a fast and furious start for The Pledger Family!  In January, we moved to our DREAM HOME!  It's about 2 miles from our old house, and we are IN LOVE with everything about our new house...the attached garage, the open concept floor plan, FOUR bathrooms, and plenty of room for our little family!  J.J. loves that it is close to the lake for his daily runs!  We are hoping to have a party in the next month or so when we get finished organizing.  :)  I promise to post pictures ASAP!

Hard to believe Reed is already 9 months old!  Here is the most recent picture of our little guy!  At his 9-month check up, the doctor said he looks great.   He's healthy and meeting his milestones.  He's actually on the "small" side...weighing only 18.5 pounds and about 27 inches.  His cheeks make him look chunkier than he is I guess.  :)
What's New: Today is Reed's first time at Mother's Day Out!  I was a nervous wreck dropping him off this morning, but I know the socialization and new experiences will be really good for him.  He hasn't had much experience with "strangers" so it was a weird feeling leaving my baby with new people.  I'm sure it's harder on me than it is for him.  New toys and new friends will keep Reed happy today!  

Reed likes: To try new foods!  He mostly likes table food and anything Mommy or Daddy is eating.  (Guess I should be a good role model and eat healthy!)  Reed loves to be outside and swing at the park.  Reed loves being around other babies and kids.  Playdates are his absolute favorite!  Reed's sweet friends, Luke & Rivi, came over last week to our new house for a playdate.  

Happy Moment: Watching a baby learn and grow RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES is truly a miracle.  In just the past few weeks, Reed has gotten strong enough to pull himself up, stand up, and push his walker toy.  It literally happened overnight, and now Reed pulls up on everything!  Walking is just a few months away for this guy.
Struggles/Challenges:  While standing up has been a fun and exciting for the family, it's also proving to be very challenging at nap time and bedtime!  Reed is so proud of himself, and he wants to stand up in his crib every time he is in there.  Unfortunately, he stands up and screams for Mommy/Daddy.  I'm not sure if he can't sit back down or if he is scared???  Most of my friends have advised that this phase will only last a few weeks....Let's hope little man goes back to sleeping well VERY SOON!  

Looking forward to: Starting swim lessons this week!  Reed is ready for the pool!

I found a new blog that I absolutely adore, and I wanted to share the link with you.  Her name is Shay, and her blog is called Mix and Match Mama.  She blogs about recipes, fashion, scheduling, kiddos, etc.  She's my blogging hero!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Mom Reading List

As a first time Mom, I felt inundated with reading materials, advice, and baby info!  I've narrowed down the best books/resources for New Moms to a list of FIVE.  Here are my favorites...

I started reading this book when I was about 35 weeks pregnant.  It helped me anticipate what was forthcoming, and I really felt prepared for Reed's "fussiness" because of this famous book!  Dr. Karp's book is easy to read and makes sense!  (No medical gibberish!)  Throughout the first few months of Reed's life, I found myself rereading portions of the book and looking things up to help my new baby.  This book has been called "the most important parenting book of the decade," and it is a MUST READ for all FTMs.  

2.  Baby 411
I love this book because it is divided into sections that are easy to navigate.  The question and answer format makes the book manageable and easy to digest in small bits.  When Reed was around two months, I sat down and read the "Sleep" section of the book in one sitting.  Baby boy made huge strides in his sleep patterns after I read the information in this book.  Bonus: The 6th edition of this book was just released!

When I was in Labor & Delivery, the nurse that was taking care of me suggested reading this book.  My pediatrician also recommended this book at Reed's 3-month well visit.  I think the perfect time to read this book is when baby is 3 or 4 months old.  Most pediatricians and sleep experts don't recommend any kind of "sleep training" before this time.  The book is BIG and wordy.  In fact, I had to read it twice to really take it all in.  However, this book has contributed to Reed's healthy sleep patterns (10-13 hours per night).  Prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of information, but I'm positive it will make a difference in baby's sleep habits.  

The Wonder Weeks is a book, but I would recommend the smart phone app!  The Wonder Weeks explains "mental leaps" that babies go through at certain periods in their development.  It's like a mental growth spurt.  The app explains these mental leaps in short snippets and helps new Moms know what to expect and anticipate.  Awesome app!  

5.  KellyMom website
KellyMom provides evidence-based research on breastfeeding and parenting.  The website and Facebook group have helped me successfully breastfeed baby boy for 6+ months (and still going!).  There are articles, Q&As, and most importantly, advice from experienced Mamas.  You can post questions to the secret Facebook group and get instant feedback from Moms, nurses, and lactation consultants around the world.  Free, fast, and convenient!  

I hope these five resources will help new Mamas out there!  
Happy 6 months to my baby bear!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reed...The Sleep Expert!

What's New:  Last month I posted about the struggles we were having with Reed's sleep.  We were so blessed to meet Melissa from Newborn Nightingales.  Melissa is an RN, mommy to two, and sleep consultant.  I found Melissa around 3 a.m. on a particularly rough sleep night.  {Thanks, Google!}  Last week, Fox News came out to film a segment on infant sleep.  Fox filmed for almost 90 minutes, but the clip is pretty short.  Check it out below!
Melissa gave us lots of wonderful advice on helping Reed sleep more consistently at night and how to lengthen his cat naps.  She gave me a copy of a book called "Moms on Call" that has been a huge help.  Here is some of the advice I got from our consult...
--Close the blinds for naps.  
--Turn the white noise machine all the way up.  Use an adult white noise machine.  No waves or lullabies.  
--Lay baby down in crib drowsy but not asleep.  Otherwise, baby is relying on you to help fall asleep.  When they wake up , they expect to see you or be rocking/bouncing.  
--All of the aforementioned are helping baby develop sleep associations.  Babies like routine and consistency so the dark room, white noise, and crib are associated with sleep.
--Let baby stay in crib after they wake up from a nap to see if they will put themselves back to sleep.  (I'm guilty of running in to pick him up because he's so cute and happy after a nap.)   Let baby play in crib independently and/or put himself back to sleep.  
--The Moms on Call book has sample schedules for babies 4-6 months, 6-7 months, 8-10 months, 11 months, and 12-15 months.  It's helpful to see what a typical day should look like for most babes.  

I feel so blessed to have met Melissa from Newborn Nightingales.  God sent her to our family at just the right time!  If you need sleep advice, shoot Melissa an e-mail.  You won't regret it!  

Reed likes:  Playing at the park, being outside, going for jogs in the Bob, and practicing his rolls!
Happy Moment:  This week, cousins Greg and Rory were visiting from Wyoming, and Grandma is in town from Florida.  We took Reed to the Dallas World Aquarium, and he was in HEAVEN.  He didn't make a peep the whole two hours we were there.  He just enjoyed seeing all of the animals and exploring the rain forest and underwater adventure!

Struggles/Challenges:  Dare I say it...NONE.  We are totally in a sweet spot right now.  If you haven't read this blog post called "The Sweet Spot," please take a few minutes and read it.  Life is good.  Reed is so happy and so fun.  His days are filled with learning, love, milk, and hugs/kisses!  We are so very blessed.  I saw this on Pinterest the other day, and it really spoke to me...
Looking forward to:  Cooler weather...Seriously...Reed loves to be outside, but Mama hates the heat and humidity.  Come on fall!  I'm also looking forward to introducing solid foods to Reed sometime soon!  I'll post updates (and pictures) of the excitement!  :)  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Things You Didn't Know You Needed...

If you've read my last few posts, the theme is that babies need A LOT of stuff...Seriously...

There are a few essentials I never even knew I needed until I became a Mama!  Hopefully this post will help some new Mamas out there.  :)

1.  Changing Pad Covers/Liners
So everybody knows you need a changing pad and a cover for the changing pad.  But did you know that you need a COVER for the changing pad cover?  Well, YES you do.  It's super important.  I learned this on the first day home from the hospital.  We had just gotten home from the hospital, and I put Reed down on our brand new, darling, personalized Pottery Barn changing pad and he PEES all over it.  Needless to say, he has gone #1, #2, and #8 ALL OVER the changing pad cover on a regular basis.  So, yes, you NEED covers/liners for the changing pad covers.  Actually, go ahead and get 2 packs.

2.  Extra Long iPhone Charger
During the first 3 months of Reed's life, I spent an average of six hours per day in the glider nursing my sweet baby.  My phone went dead FAST playing Candy Crush and checking Facebook.  Invest in a nice, super long iPhone cord to keep your mobile device charged up!

3.  Burp Cloths...TONS of them
Fortunately, I got bunches of adorable, personalized burp cloths at my baby showers.  I remember thinking to myself, "why do I need so many of these 'little towels'?"  Well, it turns out that babies spit up A LOT.  Therefore, you need tons of burp cloths.  All shapes and sizes are a good idea!  Here are a few of my faves:
-Aden & Anais Bamboo Burpy Bibs
-Personalized Etsy burp cloths
-Homemade Burp cloths!

4.  Exercise Ball 

It's not for crunches anymore...Baby boy LOVES to bounce.  We bounce on the ball to calm him down or get him to fall asleep at night.  It works miracles!  Also, if I need to talk on the phone, I'll bounce while talking, and Reed is perfectly happy.  Nursing and bouncing is his all time favorite.  :)

5.  Desitin
We got lots of Desitin at the baby shower.  I never realized you use Desitin EVERY TIME you change baby's diaper.  Yep.  It's not to "cure" diaper rash...It's to PREVENT diaper rash.  Who knew?

This is a very random list, I know...However, I hope it helps you as you prepare for little one or buy a baby shower gift!  Happy shopping!

Please tell...what item didn't you know you needed?  I'd love to add it to my list?  Add a comment or e-mail me at, and let me know what surprising item needs to be added to this list! :)

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Top 5 Baby Essentials

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE to shop.  I particularly love to shop on AMAZON.  You can't beat FREE two-day shipping.  Half the time my purchases come overnight.  That makes my Mama heart happy!  {Please note: J.J. usually supports my Amazon habit.}  With all that being said, I buy A LOT of baby stuff on Amazon.  Since Reed has been born, I've bought at least one million baby things.  Anything that MIGHT work, I buy.  {Please note: J.J. does not like this so much...}  

I thought it would be fun to create a list of BABY ESSENTIALS for all of my girlfriends who are having babies in the near future.  These are the goodies you and your baby MUST have in my opinion.  I'll give a little commentary for each.  :)  

We've used this since Day 1.  It doesn't really DO anything, but it props Reed up at just the right angle, and he is content to sit in it.  In the very beginning, he also napped in it regularly.  At four months, he still hangs out in it every morning.  It collapses so it will be easy to store as well.  The price is just right, and there are lots of cute color options available.  

Reed won't bounce or swing in those fancy swings that most babies like.  However, he LOVES his Kick 'n Play Piano like none other.  He is literally out of breath when he is done playing.  It's the toy that keeps his attention the longest.  Good exercise too!  Check out the little man in action...
Every baby is different, so my best advice is to BORROW a swing/bouncer/gym from a friend to see if your little one will enjoy it before spending a bunch of money.  :)  

If you plan to breastfeed, then you need a GREAT pump.  I think this breast pump has helped me continue to successfully breastfeed Reed.  I nurse Reed the majority of the time, but I pump every night when he goes to sleep.  It allows me to have milk in the fridge so we can have a babysitter, or I can have a few glasses of vino.  This pump is expensive but it's worth every penny.

4.  Swaddle Blankets
We probably have at least one swaddle blanket from every brand.  However, our two favorites are The Miracle Blanket and The Woombie.  In fact, we double swaddle Reed.  We get him all snugly in the Miracle Blanket and then zip him up in the Woombie!  No chance he can break free.  Swaddle blankets can get expensive so you may want to borrow various brands from a friend to see which kind/size your little one likes.  

Reed's favorite soothing white noise is the sound of a HAIR DRYER.  We happen to find this CD from best selling author Dr. Harvey Karp.  The "hair dryer song" is the first track on the CD, and it is miraculous.  It INSTANTLY calms baby boy.  He generally still goes to sleep listening to the sound of the hair dryer.  We joke that he will be 18 years old listening to this hair dryer "song."   Do whatever works, right?  You can buy the CD or download it digitally.  

Baby stuff can get expensive so borrow and share what you can!  :)