Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello, 2014!

2014 is off to a fast and furious start for The Pledger Family!  In January, we moved to our DREAM HOME!  It's about 2 miles from our old house, and we are IN LOVE with everything about our new house...the attached garage, the open concept floor plan, FOUR bathrooms, and plenty of room for our little family!  J.J. loves that it is close to the lake for his daily runs!  We are hoping to have a party in the next month or so when we get finished organizing.  :)  I promise to post pictures ASAP!

Hard to believe Reed is already 9 months old!  Here is the most recent picture of our little guy!  At his 9-month check up, the doctor said he looks great.   He's healthy and meeting his milestones.  He's actually on the "small" side...weighing only 18.5 pounds and about 27 inches.  His cheeks make him look chunkier than he is I guess.  :)
What's New: Today is Reed's first time at Mother's Day Out!  I was a nervous wreck dropping him off this morning, but I know the socialization and new experiences will be really good for him.  He hasn't had much experience with "strangers" so it was a weird feeling leaving my baby with new people.  I'm sure it's harder on me than it is for him.  New toys and new friends will keep Reed happy today!  

Reed likes: To try new foods!  He mostly likes table food and anything Mommy or Daddy is eating.  (Guess I should be a good role model and eat healthy!)  Reed loves to be outside and swing at the park.  Reed loves being around other babies and kids.  Playdates are his absolute favorite!  Reed's sweet friends, Luke & Rivi, came over last week to our new house for a playdate.  

Happy Moment: Watching a baby learn and grow RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES is truly a miracle.  In just the past few weeks, Reed has gotten strong enough to pull himself up, stand up, and push his walker toy.  It literally happened overnight, and now Reed pulls up on everything!  Walking is just a few months away for this guy.
Struggles/Challenges:  While standing up has been a fun and exciting for the family, it's also proving to be very challenging at nap time and bedtime!  Reed is so proud of himself, and he wants to stand up in his crib every time he is in there.  Unfortunately, he stands up and screams for Mommy/Daddy.  I'm not sure if he can't sit back down or if he is scared???  Most of my friends have advised that this phase will only last a few weeks....Let's hope little man goes back to sleeping well VERY SOON!  

Looking forward to: Starting swim lessons this week!  Reed is ready for the pool!

I found a new blog that I absolutely adore, and I wanted to share the link with you.  Her name is Shay, and her blog is called Mix and Match Mama.  She blogs about recipes, fashion, scheduling, kiddos, etc.  She's my blogging hero!