Tuesday, March 5, 2013

32 Weeks

How far along?  32 Weeks (+1 day)

Weight Gain: +2 pounds over the past two weeks.  I celebrated after the doctor because I was so pleased with that number!  =)

Maternity Clothes: Still living and loving everything lululemon.  So cute and comfy.  

Stretch Marks:  Unfortunately.  

Sleep:  Sleep is still pretty good.  My cracked rib is healing so that really helps!

Best moment this week:  The first part of our childbirth class.  Wow!  I really learned a lot!  J.J. and I giggled like high schoolers in biology class, but really, I think we found it pretty informative.  Labor looks pretty intense, and the videos they showed were crazy!!

Missing anything?  Margaritas and Happy Hour!

Movement:  Reed has gotten hiccups twice this week!  I think it's so cool when it happens.  It's so light and rhythmic, and I love the feeling!  

Food Cravings:  Everything with sugar in it...

Sickness/Symptoms:  Sleepiness in the afternoons.  It's nothing like the first trimester, but my energy isn't quite as high as I'd like it to be.  

Labor Signs: I haven't had any Braxton-Hicks contractions yet, but now that I've attended the Child Birth class, I know what signs to look for...

Belly Button:  It's really freaking me out.  I hope it goes back in...

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On, but I've heard some horror stories about people have them cut off, so I'm wondering if I should take them off...

Moods:  "Sweet & snuggly" says J.J. (Awwwww!)

Looking forward to:  Getting the windows replaced in our house!  So excited this project is finally getting done.  The stinky part is that I'm basically going to have to take down the entire nursery in order for the men to install the new windows.  Ahhh!!!  It'll be worth it in the end though.  :)   


Greg Campbell said...

Your the BEST Lil-Sister in the Whole-Entire World...!!! I LOVE U SO MUCH...!!!

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