Sunday, September 1, 2013

Top 5 Baby Essentials

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE to shop.  I particularly love to shop on AMAZON.  You can't beat FREE two-day shipping.  Half the time my purchases come overnight.  That makes my Mama heart happy!  {Please note: J.J. usually supports my Amazon habit.}  With all that being said, I buy A LOT of baby stuff on Amazon.  Since Reed has been born, I've bought at least one million baby things.  Anything that MIGHT work, I buy.  {Please note: J.J. does not like this so much...}  

I thought it would be fun to create a list of BABY ESSENTIALS for all of my girlfriends who are having babies in the near future.  These are the goodies you and your baby MUST have in my opinion.  I'll give a little commentary for each.  :)  

We've used this since Day 1.  It doesn't really DO anything, but it props Reed up at just the right angle, and he is content to sit in it.  In the very beginning, he also napped in it regularly.  At four months, he still hangs out in it every morning.  It collapses so it will be easy to store as well.  The price is just right, and there are lots of cute color options available.  

Reed won't bounce or swing in those fancy swings that most babies like.  However, he LOVES his Kick 'n Play Piano like none other.  He is literally out of breath when he is done playing.  It's the toy that keeps his attention the longest.  Good exercise too!  Check out the little man in action...
Every baby is different, so my best advice is to BORROW a swing/bouncer/gym from a friend to see if your little one will enjoy it before spending a bunch of money.  :)  

If you plan to breastfeed, then you need a GREAT pump.  I think this breast pump has helped me continue to successfully breastfeed Reed.  I nurse Reed the majority of the time, but I pump every night when he goes to sleep.  It allows me to have milk in the fridge so we can have a babysitter, or I can have a few glasses of vino.  This pump is expensive but it's worth every penny.

4.  Swaddle Blankets
We probably have at least one swaddle blanket from every brand.  However, our two favorites are The Miracle Blanket and The Woombie.  In fact, we double swaddle Reed.  We get him all snugly in the Miracle Blanket and then zip him up in the Woombie!  No chance he can break free.  Swaddle blankets can get expensive so you may want to borrow various brands from a friend to see which kind/size your little one likes.  

Reed's favorite soothing white noise is the sound of a HAIR DRYER.  We happen to find this CD from best selling author Dr. Harvey Karp.  The "hair dryer song" is the first track on the CD, and it is miraculous.  It INSTANTLY calms baby boy.  He generally still goes to sleep listening to the sound of the hair dryer.  We joke that he will be 18 years old listening to this hair dryer "song."   Do whatever works, right?  You can buy the CD or download it digitally.  

Baby stuff can get expensive so borrow and share what you can!  :)  


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