Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Mom Reading List

As a first time Mom, I felt inundated with reading materials, advice, and baby info!  I've narrowed down the best books/resources for New Moms to a list of FIVE.  Here are my favorites...

I started reading this book when I was about 35 weeks pregnant.  It helped me anticipate what was forthcoming, and I really felt prepared for Reed's "fussiness" because of this famous book!  Dr. Karp's book is easy to read and makes sense!  (No medical gibberish!)  Throughout the first few months of Reed's life, I found myself rereading portions of the book and looking things up to help my new baby.  This book has been called "the most important parenting book of the decade," and it is a MUST READ for all FTMs.  

2.  Baby 411
I love this book because it is divided into sections that are easy to navigate.  The question and answer format makes the book manageable and easy to digest in small bits.  When Reed was around two months, I sat down and read the "Sleep" section of the book in one sitting.  Baby boy made huge strides in his sleep patterns after I read the information in this book.  Bonus: The 6th edition of this book was just released!

When I was in Labor & Delivery, the nurse that was taking care of me suggested reading this book.  My pediatrician also recommended this book at Reed's 3-month well visit.  I think the perfect time to read this book is when baby is 3 or 4 months old.  Most pediatricians and sleep experts don't recommend any kind of "sleep training" before this time.  The book is BIG and wordy.  In fact, I had to read it twice to really take it all in.  However, this book has contributed to Reed's healthy sleep patterns (10-13 hours per night).  Prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of information, but I'm positive it will make a difference in baby's sleep habits.  

The Wonder Weeks is a book, but I would recommend the smart phone app!  The Wonder Weeks explains "mental leaps" that babies go through at certain periods in their development.  It's like a mental growth spurt.  The app explains these mental leaps in short snippets and helps new Moms know what to expect and anticipate.  Awesome app!  

5.  KellyMom website
KellyMom provides evidence-based research on breastfeeding and parenting.  The website and Facebook group have helped me successfully breastfeed baby boy for 6+ months (and still going!).  There are articles, Q&As, and most importantly, advice from experienced Mamas.  You can post questions to the secret Facebook group and get instant feedback from Moms, nurses, and lactation consultants around the world.  Free, fast, and convenient!  

I hope these five resources will help new Mamas out there!  
Happy 6 months to my baby bear!


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