Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 28 Update!

I'm excited to be 28 years old and 28 Weeks with Baby Reed! Yay!

How far along?  28 Weeks (+1 day)

Weight Gain: I'm pretty sure the doctor's scale was broken this morning because I'm up A LOT from last appointment.  In fact, I'd rather not share the exact amount! :)  

Maternity Clothes: I bought another pair of maternity jeans and some tops from A Pea in the Pod this week.  I figure I'll be wearing all of these outfits post-baby as well!  

Stretch Marks:  Nothing new! 

Sleep:  Sleep has been pretty good.  Lots of strange dreams...mostly about TV shows we watch at night or old friends!  

Best moment this week:  Being told by a 5th grader that I was the "best substitute ever!"  {Made me feel pretty good!}  Also, visiting the doctor for 28-week check up was fun!!

Missing anything?  Not getting out of breath so easily and quickly.  Last night at bowling, I felt like I was doing actual cardio!  Whew!  

Movement:  I read online that I should use one of my apps to count his kicks at night.  He should average at least 10 "kicks" an hour.  I haven't counted yet, but I'm pretty sure he's kicking even more than that.   

Food Cravings:  I'm still craving Hot Tamales and Cherry Coke.  Steak salad is also very important to me right now.  

Sickness/Symptoms:  Nose bleeds!  So strange but apparently "normal" according to the doc.  They are so sporadic but don't last long.  

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button:  It's even bigger than last week.  Blah!  

Wedding Rings On/Off:  Still on and I hope to keep it that way!

Moods:  Happy, sleepy, peaceful...

Looking forward to:  Hanging the curtains and bookshelves TONIGHT with my #1 cousin and hubby!  We make a great team!  


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