Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 29 Update

{Boise snuggled up on my tummy!}
{No profile pic of me this week because I haven't gotten out of sweatpants!}

How far along?  29 Weeks (+1 day)

Weight Gain: +28 (Wowzers!)

Maternity Clothes: I'm SICK so I haven't gotten out of my pajamas/sweat pants...

Stretch Marks:  Nothing new...Thanks, Reed!

Sleep:  Not good.  I came down with a cold/sore throat/funk this weekend, and my nose runs all day and night.  The coughing and constant trips to the bathroom make sleep impossible.  :(  

Best moment this week:  Being able to lay in bed and re-cooperate from this sickness.  

Missing anything?  Being able to take antibiotics when I'm sick.  They are the only thing that seem to work when I get sick.  

Movement:  Tons of movements!  His kicks are much stronger now and happen very often!

Food Cravings:  My latest craving is Oreos!  

Sickness/Symptoms:  Extra frequent bathroom trips and lots of pressure down there...My pregnancy running career may be over.  :(  

Labor Signs: None.

Belly Button:  Enormous and pokes out awkwardly.

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On and comfortable!

Moods:  Sad (when I broke my iPhone), sleepy, BLAH from being sick.  Hope next week I'm back to normal.

Looking forward to:  Getting healthy and my baby shower in 12 days!  Hooray!!

Here is a little preview of the nursery:


Sara L. Junkin said...

The nursery looks really cute, Liz! I love what you did with the book shelves. Of course I love the pic of Boise too :)

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