Tuesday, April 16, 2013


No belly pic this week.  That would involve getting off the couch...haha.  This is how we spend our evenings waiting for Reed (snuggling on the couch with Boise, watching The Tudors!)  This is my last weekly update before Baby Reed makes his grand entrance!  Yippee!

How far along?  38 Weeks (+1 Day)

Maternity Clothes: Anything that fits... Ready to wear "normal" clothes again!

Stretch Marks:  I've invested in Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy.  I've heard it works miracles.

Sleep:  Decent... except for the 39 trips to the bathroom each night...

Best moment this week:  Meeting my friend Kandra's newborn baby, Kade, on Friday!  It was so incredibly special to visit her in the hospital and see her little guy 12 hours after he was born!  It also helped me visualize the experience I'll be having in a few days.  I'm planning to spend some time on Thursday with Kandra & Kade.  {Practice before I get one of my own!} 

Missing anything?  Drinking a 2nd cup of coffee in the mornings...

Movement:  Tons of action!  My belly gets very tight in the evenings, and Reed is adjusting a lot.  He's definitely "dropped," and I think the tightening may be practice contractions!?!?  

Food Cravings:    PINEAPPLE JUICE.  It's SO good.  Apparently, it's supposed to help induce labor, but I've been drinking 12 ounces or more per day, and it hasn't worked yet.  {Must be an old wives' tale}

Sickness/Symptoms:  Just feeling tired and heavy!  

Labor Signs: I'm still only 1cm dilated, so not really...Possibly having practice contractions in the evenings but nothing serious...

Belly Button:  This bad boy has been OUT since the end of the first trimester.  How long will it take to get back "innie"?  

Wedding Rings On/Off:  I wonder if I can wear my wedding band during L&D...Anybody know?

Moods:  Excited, prepared, eager

Looking forward to:  Hair appointment and mani/pedi!  Gotta look good when I meet my baby!!

Here is our "plan" for Labor & Delivery.  I realize it may not go exactly according to schedule, but I'm 100% Type A, so let's hope it does!  

Saturday, April 20th:
12:00pm- The Pledgers arrive in Dallas
6:30pm- The Campbells arrive in Dallas
7:00pm- Dinner at Twisted Root

Sunday, April 21st:
7:00am- Wake up and think about having the baby all day long
7:00pm- Shower and get ready to go to the hospital
9:00pm- Arrive at Medical Center Plano and begin INDUCTION with a little cytotec

Monday, April 22nd:
5:00am- Start pitocin
12:00pm or so- BABY REED IS BORN!

We'll see how it all goes, but this is the "plan" we have in place!  We'd love to have visitors on Tuesday the 23rd!  Just call or text J.J., and he will let you know where we are.  The hospital won't allow children or babies to visit, and there are quiet hours (no visitors) between like 1-4:00....Otherwise, please come see us!  Bring champagne!! :)  

 Diaper bag is packed and ready!
Hope I remembered everything...
Reed's "going home" outfit!  Thanks, Kristin!  We love it!
Mimi bought this "snazzy" outfit for Baby Reed!  It's so tiny and precious!  
Get it on Etsy!
Reed's closet...I'm ready to "play dress up"...
I consider myself somewhat of an expert on children's books, and I JUST discovered this little gem by Jon Klassen called "This Is Not My Hat."  If you have a little one or a classroom, you must buy it!  I promise you will LOVE it!

That's all for now!!  The next time I post, I'll have a baby!!!!  Eek!!  Prayers and positive thoughts for an "easy" labor and delivery would be greatly appreciated!



Jamie said...

I love your "plan". It made me laugh. You are so cute! All I can say at this point is good luck!!! Can't wait to see pictures of my new nephew!

Anonymous said...

Love and prayers next week for a safe delivery of Baby Reed. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy. You're a classy lady and will be a wonderful Mom, and J.J., a wonderful Dad. Belatedly, I wouldn't recommend wearing your wedding band for many reasons. Be sure to check with the hospital or OB beforehand.

All best,

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