Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 36 Update!

Picture from my Shugart baby shower at Primo's!  
How far along?  36 Weeks

Weight Gain: I'm over keeping track!  

Maternity Clothes: Thank God for Lululemon.  

Stretch Marks:  I'm over that too. 

Sleep:  Depends on the night...Overall, I've been sleeping well though.  =)

Best moment this week:  Celebrating Baby Reed with my friends from Shugart and GISD.  Seeing all of my friends at Primo's was a good reminder of my many blessings.  How did I get so lucky to have such kind and thoughtful friends!?!

Missing anything?  Seeing my feet and being able to tie my shoes.  

Movement:  Movement all the time!  Every time he moves or kicks, I think he's knocking and asking if he can come out yet...Is that weird?

Food Cravings:    I'm still dying for a Pazookie from BJ's.  Cool Ranch Doritos also rock!

Sickness/Symptoms:  Achy legs and hips!  Also, "chubby bunny" face...

Labor Signs: Well I was planting some flowers and doing some gardening today, and I thought for sure that it would induce labor.  It didn't.  Dang.  

Belly Button:  BIG.

Wedding Rings On/Off:  I took them off today.  I was worried about them getting stuck.

Moods:  READY, thankful, and excited!

Looking forward to:  The windows being replaced.  Should happen sometime this week...In fact, it MUST happen sometime this week!!! 
 Look at this sweet kitty!  
She lays in the nursery all day!  She's patiently waiting for her brother's arrival!
21 days left!!!


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